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Solar Light Makes You Warm and Relax

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-07-03 13:35:40

     Solar light, for a company, looks like daughter. We born it, test it and bring it into mature. We takes times to teach it to be smart, to market it to be popular, then we get feedback that the solar light is good, she is recognized and we fell very proud of her.

smart integrated  solar garden light

    Now let we know one type of our solar lights, we name her a beautiful name: “Alkaid”(Chinese name: Yaoguang). She ranks seventh in Big Dipper Series. She is small and exquisite, solar panel 15W and led lamp 10W, but very smart and strong. When you take it home and install it in your garden yard. No matter how late you come home, she is still waiting for you and keeps lighting, when you come near to it, she will smiles and brights, makes you warm.

smart solar light

       What’s more, she can sing songs. She is a wonderful singer with Bluetooth Speaker. When you tired and rest at home, just connect your phone with her, click which songs you would like to enjoy, she will sing songs. You will fell very enjoyable and relax.

     This is our Alkaid solar light with Bluetooth speaker, please remember her name Alkaid and model YG-10. She will makes you warm and relax, don’t you fall in love with her and own her? 

solar integrated streetlights

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