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60W BD-X series intelligent solar integrated streetlights in Indonesia

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-07-03 14:10:02

    JSDSOLAR company has always been based on the business philosophy of “people-oriented, technological innovation”. At the same time, it always implements the enterprise management policy of “efficient, timeliness, integrity and development”, serves the customers, and wins the customer's dependence with high-quality products.
This is a case from a customer in Indonesia:
    Mr. sir is a customer from Indonesia, just started working in the solar industry, undertaking a solar project and consulting our solar integrated streetlights online. For those who just stepped into the industry, he still has concerns about the quality of our products and delivery time, but our salesman patiently helped him understand the knowledge of solar energy and invited him to visit our company.

    When he came to our company, our salesmanager took him to visit our factory, professional engineers helped him solve technical problems, and also field test, hands-on teaching how to adjust the light+time control. After visiting our company, our customers have no worries about our strength and immediately signed a contract with the company.

solar LED street light

Solar panel, lifepo4 battery, intelligent solar controller all in one aluminum case , easy to install, effectively save cost.

solar LED street light

All solar integrated streetlights keep lighting in rainly days automatically.