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100W Solar Powered Street Light in Yu'nan

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-07-03 13:38:13

solar powered street lights

In 2015, Jinsdon was honored to have the 100W Solar Powered Street Lights projects in Yu'nan province, China. 

The 100W solar street light is divided to two LED Lamps: 60W and 40W LED lamps. 

Choose one 20A PWM charge controller and one 40W LED driver, 

 solar street light controller JWL-HL40W LED driver

Working time: 60W with 6 hours of 60W and 6 hours of 30W

         others: 40W with 6 hours of 40W, 4 hours of 20W and 2 hours of 40W, 

They can work in different time and different dimming value. 

We get the highly praised from local gorvenment. 

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