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Visiting customers after using our integrated solar street light

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-04-23 08:06:39

Why do you choose to use our integrated solar street light?

We manufacture solar street light for 10years. We are a factory rather than a trading company.We not only provide high quality products for our customers, but also have efficient and timely after sales service management. We would like to establish long-term business with customers, rather than only one time trading. When they buy our solar street lights, we will give them professional technology support and training. We even take our engineers to visit them after using our products. One side, we can help customers solve some technical problems face to face. Another side, we could know more about whether we need to improve our products.

The following case was our visiting Indonesia integrated solar solar street light customer. 


Our engineer was helping customers to solve the technical problem.


Integrated solar street lights were installed around the road