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50W Integrated solar lighting project in Indonesia

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-04-23 08:43:12

       This is one of Indonesian solar lighting customer who contacted us through our company's website. After understanding the basic needs of the customer, we immediately arranged Southeast Asian marketing representative to contact him. Our professional engineer teams  helped him solve technical problems . He not only contacted our company, but also contacted other Chinese suppliers. but because of our professionalism and timeliness,he placed sample order to us. When the customer tested our sample successfully , he decided to visit our factory and directly negotiated cooperation. When he visited our factory, he was more confident in our products and company. He placed the solar lighting project order to us finally . And he also was interested in our Smart IOT solar street light system.Follow-up work will continue.We believe that it is not only a good market for him but also for all over the world.


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