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Why is Chinese Solar Panel Street Lights Popular in Africa?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-31 09:10:30

Solar panel street lights, wherever in Chinese rural area or in its city, have become more and more popular and more and more common in recent years, not only that,  but solar panel street lights are also quite popular abroad, especially in Africa. Why is this?  Actually, the reason is quite simple. As we know,  Africa is a tropical region, closest to the equator with year-round sunshine, and the ambient temperature is high. 

solar panel  for solar panel street lights

Solar panel street lights absorb solar energy and then convert solar energy into electricity by the solar battery. Because of the electrical energy problem, Africa is always out of power. The advantage of using solar panel street lights is to save energy, which also can work uninterruptedly for a long time. You don't have to worry about the problem of solar panel street lights' duration performance because Africa hasn't much cloudy and rainy day, and sunlight shines vertically on there. It is because of this, some Africa countries buy a large quantity of solar panel to install on the suction pump, windmill generator. 

working  principle of  solar panel street lights

Beyond that, solar panel street lights not only export to Africa, are also export to other countries who are closest to the equator. They purchase solar panel street lights in a large number because they know the solar panel street lights are a kind of clean energy and are of great use. Solar panel street lights are in the great demand in foreign markets such as Kenya, Somalia, Brazil, Uganda are the good sales market for the solar street light.

BD solar panel street lights

This is all in one solar panel street lights, solar panel, Lifepo4 battery, LED light, intelligent controller and aluminum case all in one, with the characteristics of saving energy, protecting environment, being easily installed. Hope you'll like it.