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What is The Advantage of Solar LED Street Light?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-27 10:31:10

With the rapid development in science and technology, solar energy PV products are getting more popular, for example : solar charger, solar generator, solar water heater and solar led street light, ect. In all the different sorts of solar energy products, I think that you will not be strange to solar led street light because solar led street lights are so common nowadays . so what is the advantage of solar led street light?

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First: Low Running Cost

Because solar led street lights do not require any moving parts, they only need to receive sunlight and convert them into electricity. plus solar street light is uneasy to damage and do not need to maintain, so it has a low running cost. 

Second: Energy-saving Environmental Protection

Solar LED street light's biggest advantage is energy conservation and environmental protection. Solar led street light utilized solar panel for producing electric power. Solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts solar energy into electrical energy stored in batteries during the day. The battery provides electricity to the solar led street light at night. It is a kind of energy-saving environmental friendly product because solar power will not produce any waste, pollution, noise and radiation.

Thirdly: Easy Installation
Traditional street lights need to frame power lined and dig the ground. Solar led street lights only need to fix the lighting fixture and solar panel. it didn't need a lot of labor forces  and material resources. 

solar led street light compared with traditional street light

Fourthly: Safer and Durable

You may have heard the traditional street light is not very bright and the battery explode. Solar led street lights won't make you worry like this. its led light source is brighter than traditional street light. Solar led street light is safe and reliable compared with traditional street lights. Solar led street lights do not cause accidents such as electric shock or fire.

highbright  led for solar led street light

Fifth: Great Taste

Solar led street lights are ideal green energy product, and the use of solar street lights will give you a sense of green image and improve our living standards. Solar led street light is more popular than traditional street light.

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