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Author: source: Datetime: 2020-07-13 11:05:47

Jinsdon Lighting, the leading smart  solar street lighting system  service provider. Our deeds will prove: Jinsdon is your most reliable cooperative partner. 

1. Individual Solar System Testing Lab

solar power system

A. Every new controller will be testing for more than 2 years and with different battery types

B. Every new battery pack will be testing 

C. Testing controller and battery pack waterproof

D. Every new solar lamp will be testing

E. Build up solar power system to supply power to office applicants

2. Kinds of charge controllers technology and software to meet different solar street lighting system demand

solar light controller

A. PWM/MPPT solar light controller

B. Infrared Remote control/PIR/Microwave sensor/Time+dimming function, ect

C. Zigbee and 4G network technology

D. Bluetooth and Audio Technology

E. Solar light with CCTV technology

F. 3.2V solar light system technology

3. Choose Brand Battery Cells and Develop Intelligent BMS


A. Brand Battery Cell: OptinumNano, BYD, CATL, ect

B. Develop Intelligent software BMS to protect every battery cells to make sure more than 10 years warranty

C. Testing Lab: High/low temperature to make sure every battery pack can work in -20~60

D. Testing Lab: Capacity and current testing, make sure every battery pack is enough capacity and stands for big current

Photometric Colorimetric and Electric Test System is a model for optical color and electric parameters measurement for LED lamps and luminaries. 


High and low temperature test chamber

High and low temperature test chamber



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