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How to make full use of solar street lights?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-15 15:13:26

      Nowadays,Solar street lights have been widely implemented. Solar street lights are an excellent product in terms of energy saving and low carbon environmental protection. At the same time, because of the solar power generation, the engineering cost will be relatively reduced. Some users use solar street lights for a period of time to reflect solar street lights. It appears that it does not light up after installation, or it can only be lit for a few hours.

       So why is this?
       The reason for this situation is mainly because the construction personnel do not know enough about the installation requirements of the solar street lamps, so that the installation of the solar street lamps is not appropriate, causing the solar panels to be unable to charge normally, which causes the solar street lights to be ineffective or short lifespan.

       So what are the misunderstandings about the installation of solar street lights?

     First, there is no obstruction around the installation site of the solar street lamp. Once the obstruction blocks the light, it will easily affect the absorption and utilization of the solar energy. The solar panel will not charge directly or barely charge a little.

solar light
     Second, the 
solar street light installation is too dense, other street lights next to the solar street light, other street lights are on, causing the solar street light board to detect the light source, mistakenly thinking that the sun is shining, causing the charging voltage of the solar panel to take effect, the light naturally does not It will light up.The following is the right installing way.

road solar light
    Third, the solar panel in the shadow of the obstruction, causing a shadow on the solar panel can not directly receive the solar light source, because the solar panel of the solar cell is generally in the string of units, a string of cells will appear on the shadow Even with this string of cells can not work properly, this string is broken, so the solar panel charging efficiency is very low or it may not be able to charge.
     Fourth, the two-arm solar street light, the two-arm solar street light should be connected to the solar power supply for both lamp heads. If both solar panels are connected to the same power supply and are face-to-face tilt mounted, then only one side of the solar panel can be guaranteed to be effective. On the other hand, the charging efficiency is reduced because the light source has no way to directly hit the solar panel.

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