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How to choose and adjust solar street light controller

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-01-13 16:39:49

                                  How to choose and adjust solar street light controller

      Solar street lights rely on absorbing light energy as the source of power to ensure the lighting of street lights at night when the power supply is stopped. So someone will ask that solar street lights are independent individuals, unlike traditional street lights that are connected to a power control box by cables for centralized control. Solar street lights can automatically turn on at night and automatically turn off the lights during the day. Why is this? Because solar street lights adopt intelligent active lighting, this is the role of solar street light controllers, so how do we choose solar street light controllers? 


      The solar street light controller controls all the work of the solar street light lighting system, including charging, power generation, voltage stabilization, battery protection, etc. When choosing the controller, you must choose a manufacturer with a large brand with quality assurance and a complete after-sales system. Generally, the controller is sold as a complete set of solar street lights, so it is very necessary to choose a reliable solar street light manufacturer.

solar street light controllers

      Solar street light controllers are divided into two specifications, boost and buck. When purchasing, it depends on the voltage of the solar street light source to determine which specifications to use. This customer has specific solar street light parameter configurations to provide solar energy when purchasing. Street lamp manufacturers, manufacturers will choose according to the LED light source.

   What specification of solar street light controller has been selected, how should I debug it? Because professional equipment is needed, this is usually done by the manufacturer directly. The customer only needs to tell the manufacturer the requirements such as the lighting time of the solar street light.

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