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How can you know if a solar street lamp is right for you?

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-01-23 16:31:11


How can you know if a solar street lamp is right for you?

       Although solar street lamps are widely used, you may wonder whether solar street lights are suitable for you. Solar street lights are gradually replacing traditional street lights. As long as solar panels can directly contact the sun, they can be installed anywhere. So, how to judge whether solar street lights are suitable for you?

     1. Are you looking for green alternatives?

  Solar street lamps provide green alternative to traditional lighting applications. Solar lamps are separated from the mains electricity, do not produce greenhouse gases, and can provide lighting even if the power fails for any reason. They are completely self-sufficient and require little maintenance. If you are looking for a green option, solar street lights are definitely your choice.

solar street lamps

  2, is there electricity?

   In areas where lighting is needed, there may or may not be power supply. If there is electricity, good, then you have two options, solar or electric lighting; but if there is no electricity supply, then cost trenching. When considering the cost difference between solar and electric lights, you should consider increasing the required electricity . Don't forget the monthly electricity bill.

        Solar lamps, due to their nature, can be installed anywhere. The solar panel must be able to directly contact the sun, but the light can be placed anywhere, even in a cool place, the solar street light can also be placed on a separate pole in a sunny place. The cost of digging trenches and delivering power to some locations can be very expensive, and solar street lights are a good alternative, plus these unnecessary costs.

  3. What is the lighting level required?

  In today's industry, lighting can be a weak light just for the mood, or bright enough to read below. All types of lighting can go from one end of the spectrum to the other. In street or parking lot lighting, solar street lights can be a good choice to replace already installed lights, with lower overall electricity bills, or install in a new application, the green replacement is the priority on the list. There are many design elements in these types of applications.

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