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Smart City IOT Lora solar street light

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-09-27 15:49:07

Trends and prospects of solar streetlight development in the new era

Smart City IOT Solar Street Light-System

  With the advancement of smart cities around the world and the widespread adoption of 5G communication technologies, solar street lights supported by technologies such as the Internet and Cloud Computing will become new outlets. In addition, intelligent control emphasizes humanized design, intelligent use and convenient service, IOT solar street light is the trend of the times.

Smart City IOT Solar Street Light-System

  Smart City IoT Solar Street Light System is a remote wireless control system for LED street lights based on Lora or Zigbee. It is an efficient, and saving-energy street lighting system. LED light source is efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and durable. It can scientifically and effectively control and integrate street lighting systems and adjust lighting time reasonably. It not only saves electricity consumption of the lighting system, extends lighting time in rainy days, but also freely changes the lighting strategy to make the lighting mode more reasonable.

Smart City IOT Solar Street Light-System

  Jinsdon is advanced technology interprise,which is specializes in the design, development, production and sales of IoT solar street lights, solar lithium batteries and solar energy storage systems. At the same time, the company has also developed a series of "Solar IoT Street Lights" products with high power, extremely cold and long rainy days, sand and dust, adapting to different environment and performance.

Jinsdon keeps pace with the development of the times, following the development of  science and technology, smart city and 5G communication. Jinsdon is a powerful promoter of China's more prosperous and more intelligent cities. It is also committed to global create smart cities of their own in all parts of the world.