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Date with Me in South America Intersolar, Solar Street Light Manufacturer Jinsdon

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-29 09:23:17

Jinsdon, solar street light manufacturer, Wholesale Solar Lithium Battery, Solar Charge Controller manufacturer take part in South America Intersolar. Many countries initiate to realize the significance of unpolluted and recycle energy source since environmental pollution and energy shortage threatens people's life. As a kind of clean energy, solar energy is attracting worldwide attention. So many experts and potential buyers attracted great importance to the Photovoltaic products.

Jinsdon solar street light manufacturer

                              Introducing intelligent solar street light to clients  

Owing to its location at low latitude area, so the resource of solar energy in Brazil is rich, and the potential of exploitation and utilization is very great. On the first day of south america intersolar, Jinsdon's  Booth was packed with visitors. Commodities displayed include solar street light, lithium-ion battery pack, solar power storage system, etc. Of them, solar power storage system and solar street light has garnered particular attention. 

JSD solar  street light manufacturer

Solar energy storage system for home: 1. Stores solar energy during daytime and supply electricity for household appliances at night. 2. Discharge at night to avoid the peak of electricity. 3. The emergency standby power supply for families with unexpected situation. The photovoltaic energy storage system according to customer's requirement, using solar energy to meet the daily electricity consumption, reducing dependence on commercial power, providing the efficiency and economy of power supply.

JSDSOLAR  solar street light manufacturer

Vega series solar street light, at the back with 8 flashing colors decorating desigh, not only lighting street, but also beautifying street.  YG10 is consist of high efficiency mono PV panel, LED bright source, Bluetooth (you can play music through Bluetooth), Long-lifespan lithium ion battery and intelligent solar controller. 

solar street light manufacturer

Jinsdon, As a solar street lighting system manufacturer,  will continued to develop new products in order to meet customer and market demand.