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2020 New design Self-cleaning all in one solar street light

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-04-14 10:02:22

2020 New design Self-cleaning all in one solar street light

   Jinsdon's professional R&D team has developed a new design self-cleaning all in one solar street light , which solves the problem of  dust and other substances accumulated on the solar panel, such as sand, pollen, bird manure etc.

self-cleaning solar street light

     Alpha series self-cleaning all in one solar street light is integrated automatic cleaning solar panel and IOT LORA  wireless monitoring system. Every morning, this solar street light will automatically clean dust, bird  droppings and various garbage on solar panel one cycle, to make sure high charging efficiency and  protect panel from hot spot effect. What’s more, Alpha series solar light is with IOT LORA wireless  monitoring solar charge controller, with free wiring but remotely monitoring all solar street lights  working status.

Main Advantages:

1.Built-in Automatic Robotic cleaning arm wipes the dust off the solar panel every day keeping the Solar panel at maximum efficiency.

2. Solar panel With 60° adjustable to charge fully

3.High lumens US Bridelux LED chip, 190lm/W

4. Smart IOT lora solar lighting system to realize remote monitor all solar street lights on the computer

6.Easy to install and maintain
7.No costly or complicated pipe- laying or underground wiring required