• Power 5KWH Smart Energy Storage with Colorful Screen and Expandable Capacity

    • FlexPower 5KWH Battery: Colorful screen displays voltage, capacity, and

      temperature of each cell.
    • Expandable up to 15 parallel units for increased capacity.
    • EVE LiFePO4 cells: High cycle, low resistance, high safety factor, and

      exceptional performance.
    • Advanced assembly process with capacity distribution and lock screw

      technology for superior quality.
    • Rigorous charge-discharge testing ensures 6000 cycles with 80%

      capacity retention and over 10 vears of batterv life.

  • Power 10KWH LiFePO4 Battery with 100% charge 6000 cycles IP65 waterproof

    • 100% charge ensures worry-free energy availability; 6000 cycles supported for

      long-term usage.
    • IP65 waterproof rating enables silent operation; maintains over 80% capacity

      at 48V charging.
    • Low-carbon, eco-friendly solution; lithium batteries last over 8 years with

      6000+ cycles.
    • Rapid charging in just 40 minutes at 1.5C with dedicated charger; strict safety

      tests prevent explosions.
    • Lightweight design, one-third weight of equivalent lead-acid batteries,

      providing exceptional portability.

  • 30-90kwh high energy density high voltage stacked battery


    30-90kwh capacity optional

    Over charge/discharge protection

    80% DoD depth of discharge, battery cycle life>6000 times

    Parallel use of battery packs meet the needs of large capacity applications

    Built-in BMS multiple protection communication function to monitor data in real time