150KW Hybrid Solar Storage System Installed Successfully In Madagascar

Apr. 19,2024


1.Our client electricity cost too expensive, almost above 4000USD/month,the load power max.reaches 100KW-150KW per hr, the startup time is from 7am to 5pm,

Max. daily power consumption is close to 600KWh, the machine consumption 300KWh at night, the whole day need 1000KWh

  1. The factory has a 160KW diesel generator, which will be connected to the ATS to switch thegrid and diesel generator. Theirfactory don't be worry power cut suddenly any more.
  2. Make full use of the factory roof and design to install the maximum number of solar panels



-150KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

-360KWh HV Lithium Battery (4x90KWh ) as storage .

-270PCS 550W Solar Panels,148.5KWp

-Roof Mounting and Accessories


JSD team according to the demands of clients ,understanding that the customer is very

concerned about the budget, we recommend an economical solution to meet their basic needs to make sure least 600-700KWh power generation in a sunny day,the client can also expand

system capacity in the future.

What customers value more is that we will send engineer to the customer's factory to guide the

commissioning and running tests before system installation. Customers are very satisfied

with our services.We appreciate the trust and support of our customers and we are also proud

of our high level of quality and services.




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