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60W All In One Solar Powered Street Lights in Indonesia

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-04 17:12:23

Big Dipper Series 60W all in one solar powered street lights

Solar Panel, Lifepo4 battery, led light, intelligent controller and aluminum case all in one, easy installing, convenient shipping.

60W solar powered street lights in Indonesia

Installation of solar street lamps can facilitate people to travel at night and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents at night. One-time investment without laying cables and paying electricity billssafe and reliable

the installation  of 60w all in one solar powered street lights

High bright bridgelux LED power: 60W with 90pcs leds

Working time: 12 hours/day, light+time+microwave sensor control.

Jinason is a manufacturer of all in one solar powered street lights, if you are interested in all in one solar powered street lights, please feel free to contact us or leave massage on our website.

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