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20W LED Solar Street Lights In Mexico

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-07-03 14:03:37

   Mexico is land transportation, connecting North America and South America, known as "Land Bridge". Mexico is mainly plateau and mountainous terrain, 70% local climate is dry, full of sunlight, is very suitable to make full use of solar energy to install solar power system for home, for power station, and solar street lights. 

   Jinsdon lighting, as the famous brand in China, known as solar charge controllers, we are working with much mexico clients to provide best solar power products and best solar pv power system solutions. We will continue to provide better and more innovative solar power products to return Mexico Clients constant supporting and trusting. 

   Here is one of clients who work with us to make better led solar street lights:

Solar Power Panels: 18V80W

Solar Battery: 12V60Ah

LED Lamp: 20W12V

Solar Street Light Controller: 10A12V, integrated LED driver, with time and dimming function 

Application: Countryside led solar streetl ights, Square LED solar street lights, Park LED solar street lights,  Community led solar street lighte, ect

20W led solar street lights12V led solar street lights