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120W Solar LED Street Lights In Brazil

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-04-06 16:23:25

120w solar street lights

Shenzhen Jinsdon Lighting as the professional in solar street lights solutions for years, Last year, we worked with Chile customers to finish their new designed solar led street lights. 

Two LED street lamps: 60W 12V *2pcs 

Lead acid gel battery: 180ah 24V

Poly Solar power panel: 260W 12V*2pcs

20 amp PWM charge Controller: JWL-HL with time and dimming function 

Working time: 12 hours with 5 hours 100%, 4 hours of 40%, 3 hours of 100% till sunrise for continuously 5 nights. 

Application: Solar highway lights, solar square lights, solar pathway lights, solar seaside lights, ect. 

If you are interested in this 120W solar street lights, welcome to inquiry us to more information. 

120w solar street lights in brazil

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