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How to Extend the Service Life of Integrated Solar Street Light?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-23 10:23:14

The application scope of integrated solar street light is extending more and more widely. Whether countryside or city, many projects chose to use the integrated solar street light. It will not cause environmental pollution,  because solar energy is a kind of green renewable resources. As long as a solar panel could absorb energy from the sun,  the solar battery would convert solar energy into electric to discharging.  Such a convenient integrated solar street light can help you save on your electricity costs, and may reduce environment pollution. So how to extend the service life of integrated solar street light? 

vega integrated solar street light

1. Heat Dissipation Capability

traditional solar street lights often  break down because of bad heat dissipation, . The two parts of solar street light require the excellent heat dissipation: 1. lighting fixture 2. battery. Integrated solar street lights generally use LED lamp heads. We should buy the lamps with wonderful heat-sinking capability for improving the service life of the LED lamp beads. Beside the led lamp beads, the solar battery is the core of solar energy. If the battery proves short-lived, then the integrated solar street light will short in service life too. In general, the lithium battery with aluminum-magnesium alloy casing has the best cooling effect, long life, fast heat dissipation, quality is guaranteed!

aluminum case integrated solar street light

(The whole case is die-casting aluminum)

2. The Right Storage Battery

solar storage battery is quite important. If the storage battery voltage is unstable or has been in the charging and discharging situation, this kind of solar storage battery is certainly a short service life. Generally a more stable solar storage's price will be higher, but it can be used for a long time. Nowadays, the market has a new solar battery with  BMS Management system, which users can remotely regulate  the battery and check the battery status by mobile phone.

BMS battery for integrated solar street light

(LifePO4 Battery BMS=Electric Vehicles BMS)

3. An Appropriate Integrated Solar Street Light Charge Controller

Solar charge controller is a real important part of solar street light. It would probably be best to choose an industry with good reputation to buy the qualifying controllers, and not try to get things on the cheap.

intelligent  controller for integrated solar street light

(Intelligent charge controller with PIR sensor/ Microwave sensor function)

4. Anti-theft Protection

No matter how wonderful integrated solar  street lights are or how long service life, but if it had been stolen, all the other are empty. So we have to make good preparation on the early stage if you want to minimize the losses.

20w integrated solar street light

In brief, if you want to extend the service life of integrated solar street light, you should pay more attention to these four things. This adds up to a critical savings.