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Waterproof IP68 10a 15a 12v 24v wireless solar charge controller

  • Model: JWL-SUL
    Voltage: 12V 24V auto
    Current: 10A/15A
    Application: Solar LED Street Lights, Solar LED Garden Lights, ect.

    *Build-in constant current LED driver, with 91%-96% output efficiency
    *Dusk to dawn and dimming function, four periods and 10%-90% dimming value adjustable
    *3-stage charging battery: bulk, boost/equalize, float
    *Suitable for four battery types: gel, flooded, sealed and li-ion
    *Three LED indicators to show solar PV, battery and LED lights working status
    *Digital display and setting button to adjust time and dimming value
    *Aluminum housing and high heat conducting silicone sealed to better cooling
    *Waterproof IP67

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