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What We Do

  Founded in 2010, JSD solar company provides solar street lights with safe and steady quality. We believe that solar street light should be installed easily and user-friendly control like BD series street light. That’s why we supply All-in-one solar street light which combines the solar panels, controller and LED lights together. At the same time, we develop the Bluetooth App to control the light. Even without the remote controller, you also can control the light anytime.

solar street light

  For some large projects, we develop IOT Lora system to remote control solar LED lights work and collect data which working with GPRS concentrator, to finally receive and transmit data to the computer or Mobile App.

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Why We Do It

“Africa is a continent of darkness and is desperately in need of power.

   Only one in three of Africa's 700 million people have electricity - and in the countryside only one in ten has light at the flick of a switch. For many people, solar energy is the most obvious route for a continent blessed with abundant sunshine. “ from BBC World Service。 

   Now is an era of energy economy. The development of the economy, people's lives are inseparable from energy. Solar energy is one of the currently available clean energy sources. We offer a cleaner and affordable solar power products like Paygo solar kit. 

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How We Do It

   We’re able to offer safe, affordable and quality products because we have Strong r & d team, a number of invention patents. Strict quality inspection and quality control, constantly develop products suitable for the market.


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