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How to Create a Better Solar Street Lighting System

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-12-30 11:05:14

solar street lighting pdf

    Before thinking this question, we need to make clear what factors will impact the solar street lighting working. As we all know, the components of solar street lighting are solar power panel, solar power battery, led street lamp, solar street light controller, pole and cables. Now let’s one by one to analysis each one design and performance parameters:

Solar Power Panel:

·  Type and number of solar power panel used: monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar power panel, single or more, to be 12V or 24V?

·   Total solar array wattage

·   How is solar array mounted to the pole: Top of pole, side of pole, Angle, ect?

Solar Power Battery:

·   Type of battery

·   Total capacity of battery

·   The continuous rainy/cloudy days storage

LED Street Lamps:

·   Type of Light fixture (sometimes even including model or part number)

·   Salient characteristics of light fixture

·   Luxmens per Watt provided by the fixture

·   Type of lamping

·   Light distribution pattern

·   Light level requirements

·   Fixture bracket arm

·   Fixture mounting height

Solar Street Light controller

·  Type/description of street light controller, PWM charging or MPPT charging

·   Detailed description of nightly system operation, which is critically important to ensure the solar lighting system meets needs, 12 hours, dusk to dawn, ect.

·   Street light controller performance: if need to dim the led lamp at night, how to dim


·  Type of pole: anchor base, direct burial, aluminum, steel, concrete, composite, etc.

·  Light pole must support the total weight and EPA of the specified solar power street lighting system in AASHTO wind loads for your particular area


·  The type and size of cables

·  The real length need for a solar lighting system

solar street lighting

   To consider those precise design and performance parameters into solar street lighting specification, there is no question that the buyer will ultimately get high quality solar street lighting systems at the best possible price

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