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Jinsdon Lighting Took Part In 9th PV Guangzhou

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-14 11:33:40

       Jinsdon Lighting solar PV exhibition in Guangzhou 5

     As 8 years old now, Jinsdon lighting took part in Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition for 6 years. Every year, we show new update and high technology solar charge controllers to our presitigious clienst. This year 2017, Jinsdon Lighting mainly focus on showing and demonstrating Smart solar street lighting system, by Zigbeer and 4G network. 

       As now we are promoting to build up a green and smart city, Jinsdon Lighting always follow the marketing demand to develop new updating and innovative solar products to meet marketing demands. We are always leading the solar photovoltaic industrials to one step ahead.  Smart solar street lighting system is need by new era, by new solar markets; It not only can be connected all solar street lights in one network and wireless monitor on computer or Mobile, but also can monitor every solar street light working status, remotely program parameters, map position, broken alarming and records history, ect. to really realize controlling every solar light at anywhere, anytime. 

Jinsdon Lighting solar PV exhibition in Guangzhou 1

      During the exhibition, most clients are expressive to our smart solar street lighting system, they are interested in our new products and express their intention to cooperate with you in the future. It is great success for us to take part in this exhibition. 

Jinsdon Lighting solar PV exhibition in Guangzhou 2Jinsdon Lighting solar PV exhibition in Guangzhou 3Jinsdon Lighting solar PV exhibition in Guangzhou 4Jinsdon Lighting solar PV exhibition in Guangzhou

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