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The Solar Show 2018 in Philippines

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-10 08:11:12

    As a wholesale solar lithium battery, solar charge controller manufacturer, solar street light manufacturer, Jinsdon has been exposed to solar street lighting system more than 8 years. At the end of May, we attended the annual philippines international solar energy exhibition.

solar street lights exhibition

    It is the greatest and more influential solar industry event in philippines. We started to use projector for showing all kinds of our products in the exhibition. We focus on introducing JSD-LBP solar Li-ion battery pack and JSD-JBP solar LifePO4 battery pack to visitors. Some advantages as follows:

    1. LifePO4 battery, solar street lights controller and aluminum case all-in-one design, convenient shipping.

    2. CATL lithium iron phosphate battery pack's lifesoan is much greater than ternary lithium battery.

    3. Li-ion battery installed under the solar panel, convenient and easy installation,ect. 

JSD solar street lighting system show

    There has been continual improvement in exhibitions and our products. Our aim is to go betond ourselves.