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The Training of Efficient Execution

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-23 09:10:43

July 27th, Jinsdon company's sale staffs attend the training of improve execution. The aim of this training is promoting our company executive ability, and building a professional sales team. The signification of learning is how to find ''better'' versions of ourselves, and find out that we can do better. 

Trainer: Daogang Yang  

During training, Mr Yang had told us execution is resultful action, and it is a necessary condition for success. His speech greatly helped to bring out the trainee enthusiasm. The colleague are also actively involved in the interaction, and combine their own practical work to answer the questions raised by the teacher conscientiously. 

Jinsdon Lighting

Jinsdon Lighting attended the training

Jinsdon manufactuere of solar street lighting system

Through this training, we know that no goal is no execution, and no execution do what all not line. At the end of training, we wrote down our goals: Responsible for the customer, responsible for the leader, and responsible for ourselves is our guarantee for effective execution.