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Jinsdon Outdoor Activities, Showing the Youth Energy

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-05 15:38:52

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  June 14, Jinsdon company organized the sales staff to do the outdoor training activities, as the theme of "shaping the elite team, winning a better future", aimed at promoting the staff of direct exchange of ideas, communication and cooperation.

     One day, 14 sales staff is divided into two groups, each group has its team name, its song and slogan showing the strength of the team. Under the leadership of the instructor, the two teams compete and cooperate, to complete the series of expansion activities, like “The Da Vinci Code”, “Simple Task”, “To Trust To Being Thrown”, “Team Strength”, “Life and Death Grid”. At the end of each activity, it is time for team members to share ideas of the success or failure,  team performance, personal experience. Through one by one activity,  everyone's cohesion and combat effectiveness is growing.

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     Through this outreach training, we not only enhance the physical fitness, but also fully stimulate the potential of individuals, inspired everyone's team spirit and sense of competition, so that every employee is fully aware of the importance of cooperation, communication, coordination, responsibility, objectives for a team.

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      Finally, we each expressed our actual positions and work  experience, and strive for company’s sustained and harmonious development, strive for personal careers.