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Motion sensor led solar street light all in one 100w 30w

  • Model: JSSL-B
    LED Power: 15W,20W,30W,40W,50W,60W,80W,100W,120W
    Brand: JSDSOLAR
    1.Innovative all in one design, concentrating on the core components and microwave sensors of the solar street lights, which creat the extreme simple solar road applications.
    2.Integrated solar street light and intelligent MPPT energy management system, ensuring more enery provided to light source.
    3.Humanize intelligent remote control technology which has multi-working modes (working mode can be customized).
    Per light can be equipped with a hand-hold remote, easily switched from 4 working modes, more convenient for resell.
    Replacing the PIR motion sensor,result in the microwave motion sensor more accurate than the PIR sensor in detecting moving object, detection distance is up to 15 meters.
    4.Easy to install in 5 mins , save 80% installation fee, labor cost and transport fee.
    5.It is powerd by solar energy , without electricity bill, supporting 3 rainy days; the microwave sensor will be automatically on/off.

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